Sunday, March 30

April Guest Designer

Everyone is over the moon that we have Tusia, Co-Owner of 7 dots Studio as our April Guest  Designer !! You will have to wait a  few days  to see the  amazing creations that she  has created using our  April Kit ... which is  shhhh .. still a surprise  .... but  while  we wait here is a little about  Tusia in her own words...
I love all kinds of media – if I would have to define my style, I would say that media are

 the only constant thing. My favourite colours are fresh, bold greens, blues and pinks, 

but at the same time I just love delicate, pale hues of beige, rose and white. However 

here is something in my projects, what can be found always – a positive, feminine style. 

Scrapbooking fills my whole life – it is all around me – in my private life and in my job 

career. I love the process of creation – I have created things since early childhood – all 

kinds of handmade things always attracted me. I cannot imagine my life without making 

some art. Even if I leave for a weekend, I always take my small “art-bag”, filled with art-

journal supplies. I am lucky enough to be a designer in a few very creative places. I love 

drinking coffee, reading books, walking through the forest, watching flowers on the 

meadow, basking in the autumn sun and being deep in my inner world. I can say that I 

am happy person and wouldn't change a single thing in my life.

CLICK HERE  to head on over to Tusia's blog for more eye candy creations and  is  you are not  a follower than  become one to not miss out on her amazing creations !!