Friday, May 9

They are Uni's !

We are so excited beyond belief to share with you the new members to the Unicorn family! These two wonderful ladies bring so much added creativity and uniqueness to the  team that they are a perfect Uni fit ! 

So without further adieu  lets raise our mists and  congratulate Song Li and Robbie as the  new members of the Flying Unicorn team ! 

"Growing up, I wasn't crafty at all.  I was the girl who took art class because I needed the credit and there wasn't anything else to take.  Same with Home Ec.  In fact, if they had a category for 'Most Likely to NOT be crafty' my senior year, I feel sure that I would have won!  No one was more surprised than me when I started sewing, painting and finally paper crafting. 
Over the years, I've dabbled in several crafts.  I've sewn, made jewelry and even tried cross stitch.  Of course, as usual, I came to scrapbooking late.  My daughter's senior year, a friend and I decided we wanted to make a scrapbook for our kids' graduation parties.  We teamed up with another couple of friends who were scrapbookers to get started.  I didn't even go along to purchase my first supplies.  I just let my friends pick up what they thought were necessities ,  wrote a check and showed up to have my first introduction to paper crafting.
Well, little did I know that I was going to find my perfect fit!    I loved that I was getting pictures in books, telling the story of my daughter's senior year and doing a hobby that I loved.   That one senior book turned into 3 books , my son's senior book and Eagle Scout books and a whole lot more.
When it comes to style, I find it hard to describe mine.   You are just as likely to see bright colors as muted colors on pages.  One thing that stays consistent is that I love embellishments. I'm pretty sure that I've never met an embellishment that I didn't like.  I probably love ribbon and flowers the most.  In fact, you will rarely see one of my pages without a ribbon or bow somewhere.  I would put flowers on everything, too but my son prefers his pages without them. 
I've been married for 26 years to a wonderful guy and we were blessed with 2 children.  Our daughter is 25 and our son is 23.  I was very lucky to be able to be a stay at home mom.  I might have been a bit late to the party, but the timing was perfect for me. Scrapbooking is a wonderful hobby that allows me to be creative and helps keep me busy now that our children no longer live at home.  My skill set has definitely improved over the years, but I still love to look back at those first pages.  They might be really simple and wouldn't win any contests for design,  but each page tells a tiny bit of our story." 

Amazingly wonderful right?!! There is so much more to see on Robbie's blog - check it out and  make sure to become a follower. 

My name is Song Li and I am a crafty Chinese girl. I became a huge craft enthusiast since March 2012. This is how I became addicted to crafting. One day my boyfriend wanted to show me the crafty side of this country so he took me to Michaels. He told me there are many people doing scrapbooking and it is very popular. So I bought something because I thought they look good. After I got home, I started using what I bought. What I know next is I couldn't quit crafting ever since…I am a huge mixed media crafter. I LOVE making layouts, of-the-page projects, cards, art journal, etc.  I constantly play with different colors, textures, and techniques. Every now and then, I will go out of my comfort zone and do something really different as well. Anyways, I am super honored to be part of this awesome team and being surrounded by all the super amazing talented souls. This is really one of my biggest dream came true :)) LOVE you all!

Song Li's work is so meticulous and such details that one is captivated by it all! Head on over to Song Li's blog where not only will you see these creations but  videos too! 

... and  just  wait  till you see the  magic they make with the  June  Kit  being released on May 31st at  12:01 am !