Saturday, June 8

Mini Album Journey -Tutorial

My Mini Album Journey

Do you believe it  .. either do I ...  I am actually finally doing a forever and a day promised 100 times over a  tutorial on how I make my mini albums page by page by page .. 

What you need : 
5 - 6x6 Chipboard pieces 
Scrapbook Papers ( for this tutorial I am using Prima Divine - and I have on hand 2- 6x6 pads and 2 each of  the 2 x12 papers)  
Cardstock - I have 5 12 x 12 sheets of the same color - ( I am using tim holtz broken china distress cardstock by co-ordinations) 
Glue - I am using Beacon, Glue Gun and Glue stick 

Day One : 
Paint the edges ( both sides)  of the chipboard in a matching color of your papers. Make sure to get the edges.. preparation is everything ! 

 Cut two strips of 1.5" wide by 12" long from your cardstock and score 1/4" on each side and fold them . Cut in 6" length strips ( you should have 4 of them 
 Glue ( here I love Beacon since its tacky and  I have a minute to straighten it )  the binding to each chipboard as shown. 

 Since I am an Embellisher I need this extra space between pages to place flowers inside and other goodies.. but flowers mostly! 
 An "inside" look ....
 This is  my little preparation technique so that  I get a  "feel"  for the  book ..  I take apart 1- 6 x6 paper pad and  make three piles (1 pile = 1 sheet of each paper in the pad) 

  I then I decide what paper goes on each page and clip it to the page ..This step allows me to change papers around to make sure that the pages compliment one another( even though they are from the same line) and flow ...( hey  its a  little quirk of mine) 
 Page One:(Inside Cover)

We are doing our first flip insert : 
Cut Cardstock 51/2" x 12" and score at 3" and 8 1/2"  fold and  lets embellish - weeeeeee

The cover can  have flowers and embellishments since we have 1/2 inch space ( but not too much because we have page 2 to do as well ) 
This picture is page one closed  *Note* Do not  glue anything down until the page/insert is completely embellished and done .. its so much easier to work with and if you make a mistake well .. easier to correct  and  do not  throw out any  piece  of paper until you are  100% done the mini ... use those  tiny pieces of paper to punch out flowers, embellish a tag, etc ...
 Right side of the above frame flipped open 
 Inside left ( you can see the top page frame being  double used for this  one too :) 
 Inside Right 
 Center : 

So opened : this is what it looks like open : 

Off to make  page  2 ....
Day Two: Right hand side of page 

Another flip insert on the right hand side- 
Cut the cardstock 5 1/2" x 12" and score at 4" and 10"  - Fold into little book and embellish 

Since I used lots of  flowers on the  left  hand side and  have little room for flowers - by layering the papers and making lots of hidden pocket tags is a great way  to achieve an embellished effect.  
Above: right had side of the  page closed 
 The next three pictures are the  inside of the  "flip"  from left to right : 

The  right has a little extra flip - since it is only 2" wide - a place for a photo and journaling was added by allowing a portion to flip down 

The complete inside : 
 A  glimpse at  some of the  tags - and  in total page 2 of the mini can hold  11 pictures  with  lots of room for  journaling .

Day three - working on it  ... 
 Page Three 

A quick tutorial on page 3 flips ( looking at the pics should help just in case ) 

Page Three closed  
 This is the  41/2 inch flip right side 
Inside flip of the 4 1/2 " flip 

Left Side 51/2 inch front flip 

 Inside of the 5 1/2" flip 
The  middle page  

Opened completely - this is what it  looks  like 

Page FOUR   AND  KIND OF DAY 4 .... 

 There are no flips to this one ... a  straight page to place a picture  and then some tags.  What's  cool about page four is that you use a lot of the collected tiny  pieces of  paper - a patchwork page so to speak ..

The  above page  consists of  4 tags  for  extra pictures/journaling. 

Page  5 awaits 


And the  mini album continues  - and  yup another flip page ! 
Cut  your cardstock  to 5 1/2 x 12  and  then score at 5" and 10"  and  fold so you have  this : 

The 2" portion is the bottom - so it  flips up - time to embellish  by layering the papers and placing lots of tags to get the "full effect" 
This is the flip closed  - I used  ribbon to secure the bottom portion

The "top of the flip -  ( lots of tags ) 

Middle inside  page 

2" inside bottom - writing paper from the divine collection so that  one can  write a title, a  quote,  special words, a date etc,,

Opened  this is what it  looks like  ...

Yup off to  work on page  6   - we are  almost done  

You guessed it - another flip - put this one is an easy one-  

Cut a piece of cardstock 4.5" x 5"  and score  at 4.75 and 4.85  - so you have a  little binding  and enough  of a  flap to glue on the  underside of the paper. 
Yup - time to decorate the outside and the inside of  your flip 
This is how  it  looks  closed   - then open the  flip : 
 And you see this  page  on the  back side of the above page 
 This  is  the  6x6 page that is  stable in your  mini

So if the flip was open this is what it would look like : 

Glue the  flip on the  back side of your 6x6 paper ( mine was  glued on the  green and  polka dot paper and  a little trim  -just  becuase

page 7  is  just around the  corner! 
PAGE 7 - SECOND LAST PAGE and lets pretend - day 7 ...
Are you excited - we are almost done ... just  page 8 left and the cover - so  lets  begin on page  7  and    you  know it  a  flip ! 
Cut  two sheets of cardstock 5" x 12" and  score both at 3.5" and 8.5" - Now  one of  the sheets trim one  less than a 1/8" so that  when you stack and fold it - its fold nicely -  glue the smaller one on top  of the larger one  so the  flaps fold up and down and  the  larger  full 5" width  the  ones the flaps fold  right to left .  The pictures  should  help you . 

Okay time to decorate  -  now you will have to use a closure  - I   was  trying to use a magnet  but  there were  issues  so I went with ribbon instead and this  is  how the page  looks  closed .

I left the tags  off the  picture in order to help you visualize better  when its semi open  
 Completely opened - Yes the  bottom flap I added an additional flip  -

the  rest  are  the  inside  - with no tags  yet -  I have  very few  small  pieces and  I am already using  the  2nd 6x6 paper  pack so  I will come back to make  tags  out of  the  scrap and  tiny pieces of   paper  I have  left  from creating this  page and  page  8 .

We are  almost there - page   8   is on its way ! 

PAGE 8  - this is it-less the cover and binding

This is the  last page and no flip...
 Here I  just  criss crossed the papers and  added  some  tags - 
The  page without the  tags : 
 The page with the   tags : 
 The  tags : 

Okay the cover time now - this is the  hardest for me 

For the binding  I used binding tape first and  then some lace and some  seam binding  ...