Monday, April 20

Nitty Gritty

There is nothing better, than  to look at  something on a Monday morning that is  bright and  cheerful!  The  "Nitty Gritty" is an  altered binder  cover .  This   project  being  so colorful was  too much  fun to make . A whole  bunch  of  scraps and  extra  ribbon  have  now  been  used  from my stash,  which is  always a good thing .  The  Chipboard  letters  were also  extras  from this and that  and  the placement  of  bling, on the letters, well   something  shiny  is  always  good ...  
let your  imagination  soar  to  what  the  "Nitty Gritty"  encloses,  it  could  be   binder  paper,  or  protective  sheets,  or ideas and inspirations .. its  all  up to  you .. now  go make yourself  a  "Nitty Gritty"!