Saturday, June 12

Love Under Estimated - Pages

The journaling speaks for itself ... ahh my darling Tom Grella...

I fell in love with him our first night together, something in his touch told my soul that we had always been together, star crossed lovers on a path of pain, brought together by heartache inflicted by others. From the beginning we trusted each other with our inner most feelings, desires and dreams. I can truly say that I loved him like I have never loved another and never will. There are some things we, as humans, can only give away once in a lifetime, and those parts of me are no longer mine, they are his and will forever be.

Not a day goes by that I don't think of you and I will carry that for the rest of my days, a penance if you will :)

I love you ... nothing changes that but, another path I must follow...I miss you..

Happiness awaits me