Friday, July 24

Paper Piecing

Paper Piecing

. I love the layouts and cards that have paper piecing on them ....time and patience is needed.. but he outcome is worth it !

Commercial patterns are available or you can make your own from coloring books or just about ANY picture or graphic that you want.

Remember whether you are using a paper piecing pattern, a coloring book, stationary or some other source, that the original pattern can be enlarged or reduced using a copying machine or your scanner and a graphics program. This can be especially handy if you want to enlarge a pattern for a 12 x 12 pages that was originally sized for an 8 1/2 by 11 page.

ClassicPooh1.gif (199044 bytes) PoohandHoneyPot.gif (147418 bytes) PoohandButterflies.gif (152572 bytes) PigletandBalloon.gif (82562 bytes) PoohandBalloon.gif (108018 bytes) PigletCarryingBalloon.gif (147089 bytes)

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Classic Pooh How To Do It Yourself Step by step instructions for making Pooh with the Thinking Cap

1) I bought Classic Pooh printed die cut of Pooh with the Thinking Cap and scanned them in to my computer.

2) I printed them out on paper in the size that I wanted for my 12 x 12 page.

3) I used ZIG 2 way Glue as a tack to make the pattern stick to the cardstock. Let the glue dry THOROUGHLY before using the pattern. The glue will be clear when it is thoroughly dry.

4) I cut into the actual color print out to use as a pattern.

5) Cut out pooh and cut out the hat from a different color.

6) Then I removed the pattern and used the ZIG Memory Pencils to start making the outline. Earth colors- chestnut was used for Pooh's body and Primary Colors Smoke was used for Pooh's hat.

7) When I came to the "interior" lines I decided that I was not talented enough to draw them freehand so I placed the pattern back on top of Pooh and used a ballpoint pen or an embossing stylus to trace the detail. This was the only tricky part- after applying all that pressure on top of the ZIG 2 way glue it was HARD to remove the pattern the second time- the pattern wanted to stick. However, I gingerly peeled it off and proceeded to use the indents in the paper to draw my lines. When I did the hat I didn't press with as much pressure and the pattern came off just fine. So watch your pressure or place some Saran Wrap in between the pattern and the paper for that step..

8) Placed Pooh on my scrapbook page and here he is!! By the way- It was much easier than I thought it was going to be.

Some of you are going to ask me why I didn't just use the Pooh die cut for the pages? The Classic Pooh stationary by Michel is geared for an 8 1/2 by 11 page and I wanted to make the images larger for the 12x12 album that I made for my sisters new daughter.

More hints: For shading I used chalks for the soft colors needed for the Classic Pooh look. The butterflies and balloons were greatly enhanced using chalks.