Saturday, January 30

Explosion Box –

Created by : Flying Unicorn

Instructions : The Box

A) take 3 sheets of the cardstock paper and trim them to size using your paper cutter or craft knife

1)bottom layer to measure 12" x 12"

2) middle layer to measure 11"x11"

3) top layer to measure 10"x10"

B) Score each paper with 4 folds as outlined and with the following measurements :

1) bottom layer—score 4" in from the sides

2) middle layer 3 3/4" in from the sides

3) top layer 3 1/2 " in from the sides

Explosion box A

C) Cut out all 4 corners from all three cardstock papers and layer on top to have this result :

explosion box B

D) Now get creative ! Embellish all 4 sides of each panel just the top or the both sides of all 3 sheets. Create pockets and use tags. Distress the pictures and add ribbons and brads oh my ! Use a quote or write a note add some bling! Don't forget there is always a room for a prima or two ! When you have finished glue the middle boxes together …. Then you are ready for the lid !


Trim the 4th piece of cardstock for the lid to an 8"x8" square

Score folds at 2" from each side . The centers will be 4" in length .

Score diagonal folds at each corner as per the diagram

Fold each corner up and glue to form the lid.

Embellish the lid !