Wednesday, March 24

Spring in Bloom - Cricut Accent Essential

There are just days when you want to create but not a card or a layout ...and those are flower days ... I have stocked piled on some handmade flowers using my Cricut -Accent Essential and Tattered Angels Here is the screen shot ... I use an 8 1/2 x 11 white card stock and cut different shapes and sizes ....
For all my handmade flowers I use my ball stylus to rub the paper and soften it ( check out techniques for clear instructions )
I guess I got lazy - but white is soo pretty and this flower was made using the Rose technique ... this one is my favorite Blue Glimmer mist and the Rose technique changed a bit .... three sets and bottom and middle part I do not cut away any petals just a slit and glue a petal on top of the other petal . The third and top layer I only cut away one petal to make it smaller .. Add a rhinestone in the middle and voila ... Same with these flowers .... bottom and middle layer the same do not cut away a petal .. and top layer only one petal is removed .... Thanks for looking - hoping I have inspired you to use your Cricut and Create !