Monday, March 1

Technique Tuesday -METAL..NOT

  • Metallic Embossing Powder
  • Heat gun
  • Versamark
  • Stamps
  • Cardstock
  • Scissors

Step 1

Ink your stamp extremely well with Versamark and put it to the side .

Step 2

Cover enough area of the cardstock to fill the stamp with versamark.

Step 3

Cover cardstock with the embossing powder . ( Zinc Copper is what I used )

Step 4

Heat emboss with gun until melted.

Step 5

While embossing powder and cardstock is still hot, add more powder over the cardstock. Heat again until melted. *****REPEAT THIS STEP AT LEAST 4 TIMES*** to make it thick enough for a good imprint.

Step 6

Place the cardstock on table or stamp mat and heat up until hot. Quickly, press the stamp into the embossed area and press down extremely firmly

Step 7

After 10-15 seconds remove stamp and VOILA .... You can stop here and use as the coolest background paper ever or ..... ( keep reading )

Step 8

Cut out the images and use as embellies for your LO's, cards, atc decorations .. whatever your imagination allows !