Monday, May 10

Celebrate Good Times - Cupcake Toppers

Summer is around the corner and the time for family, friends, and bbq get togethers. Since it is all in the presentation here is a tutorial for cupcake, hamburger & hot dog toppers
*Crepe paper ( this works and looks best, however light patterned or solid paper 20lb max - works too as you will see ) ( Some may say ribbon .. but the cost factor ... ummm .. your choice.. it is being thrown out... )
*Sandwich Pick ( they are larger and sturdier then the regular toothpick )
- The crepe paper is going to be folded in half . Therefore the length required at folding point is :
3/4" - 14" length required
1/2" - 12" length required
For this tutorial the crepe paper I have ( bought at Party City for 50cents) is just shy of 2" width .. but folded in half is 3/4 " and therefore cut 14" length . STEP TWO :
- Fold back and forth and at each crevice a dab of fast drying glue ( glue gun, tacky glue, double sided glue) whatever works best for you ( I used my heat gun )
- When done trim the bottom so it is nice and even
- Take both ends and glue together to make a circle STEP FOUR :
-Add the embellishment and the toothpick BONUS STEP :
Use paper and your edge punch to create the same effect ( on this one I used 2 side tape on both sides of the paper) Your done .... now all you have to do is wait for the wow .... ahh's ... beautiful.... and enjoy the praise ! Again, Its all in the presentation .... HOPE YOU ENJOYED !