Thursday, November 18

Gift Card Tag and/or Holder

These  are  so  easy  to make  and   so  cute  that there  is  no  need  to  buy any  store  bought  due  to lack of  time !! They  can  either  be  a pretty  gift  tag  for  the  Christmas present   or  they  can hold a gift  card    

 *Start  with a  12 x 12  sheet  of  paper  and   cut  in  4" in  height  (  one   sheet   you can  make  three )
**Score  lines  at  2" and 4" and  8" and 10"
 ***Use a  punch  to add a little   something  to the  front   and  fold  the in  and  then  reverse the  outside flaps  to fold  out
****Attach a  picture, stamped  image   to  one  side  of  the  fold  (  either  left  or  right  side  - I think this  is  a  mere  preference  to being   right  or  left  handed )
 ****Make  two  little  slits   close  to the   very bottom on the  4" and  8"  score  lines  -  large  enough  to   thread the   ribbon  through  as  shown in picture  .... this  can  either   act  as  simple  decor   -  or  when  tied it  hold  th e  gift  card !!
***Close  and  tie  the  ribbon   and voila     Super  easy ....
You can  make  this  as  simple  or  detailed as  you like  ....  simply  get  CREATIVE !!