Tuesday, February 22

Baby Card & Technique

Here is a card I did for my nephew and his  girlfriend that are expecting in June !  Technique  details for the  "b"  scroll down .. and    free  clipart  just  for you ! 

Inside of   card  ...

 The frame  is  simply my  favorite  gold  leaf  buff  and  a cotton  ball ...  just  rub and  rub to  get ht e  gold  vintage   look

Next ...  white glue .. glitter.. embossing powder and  heat gun 

Mix  50% glitter and 50% embossing  powder
 Cover the  item  with  white  glue  and  sprinkle  the  mix  on the   letter
 Heat  emboss .... you  end  up with a  little   shine .. a  little  vintage a   complete wear and  tear  look  !
 Put the   frame and  letter  together  .. and   voila  B  = Baby

Here  is the  Baby  Clip Art  for your  pleasure