Saturday, March 26

Flower Technique

I needed  something soft and  airy  for  a  layout  ( yes  a  layout)  that I am  working on  ...  and here  is the tutorial  for the  ribbon flowers .... Layout ...  before the   weekend  is  over  I  hope  ..
 You will need :
- daisy  punch   or  from a  diecut  machine
-hole punch
marker or pencil
-ribbon and needle

Punch 3 daisies  and  put one aside till the  end

 On of the  two   trim one of   petals  that you will use  for your  template
 On the  second punched  flower  - use the  template  to  mark the line  -  this  will  make  each  petal  exact

Punch  smaller  holes  OC (on center) of the  line you made and   a  large hole in the  middle
 I  have  inked   just  because ...  if you  distress the  paper by crumpling it  VERY  carefully its   easier  to form at the   end

Start  at the  center of the  flower  and  bring the   ribbon through   to the  pedal hole .  Leave a  little  loose and  make  sure that the   ribbon  does not  turn  ...   do this  for  each  petal .
 You  will end  up  with  something  like  this  ....  Fold  the   tips  back in  little triangles  to  shape
 Glue  the  third  punch   unto the  flower  ... embellish  the   center  and   voila  ....   nice and pretty

Thanks  for  stopping by ....