Thursday, March 3


I made these cute Thinking of you cards and  I needed to wrap them before  tomorrow night - and  in the  stash of   a million ribbons  - I had  nothing  cool and  vintage - so   ... made my own ... 

Permanent Ink .. a stamp ... some  fabric  cut  in the  desired length and width  (  no fabric  .. not a problem .. take a  shirt  from  hubby and  cut  it ... the  laundry mat  can loose a shirt  or  two ) 
Stamp away .... and  if you want  to change the  color  you can use  Angel Mist  or  Luminarte from Creative Imaginations ( I tested but  stayed  with  au natural)  
Want the  frayed  edges ....  then use your  paper distress thingy  - just  like you  do with  paper and  pull away the   threads  ... its  so much  easier  ....  

Quick and  easy  - Stamp  Away !