Wednesday, May 22

WCYDW - Flip Card Book

Every Wednesday on the forums the Creative Team and I share with you something cool and  unique for you to learn, create and inspire. This week its my turn and I share the Flip Card Book that I designed. 

I have been asked several times to share the template or the tutorial for my  Flip Book Cards and  have  yes'd you all  until now. I will design - create a template - do the project and throw the template out - done  ... never to be seen again .  So it  being my turn to do  WCYDW  I thought  it was time  I recreated it ... and  after cutting at  least 75 sheets of scrap paper and measuring and  remeasuring  I HAVE  IT AGAIN ! Here you all go : 

These pages of instructions can  be found in pdf  format  to be downloaded on the forums in the file section  CLICK HERE  

There is a lot of flips and turns and  pages inside and I was surprised that it  took double the time to create one compared to my  mini albums - but  boy they are really fun to make! More than likely will use up one  6x6  paper pack in its entirety.  do not  throw out any scraps until the book is done ... you will be surprised how  those 1/2" strips will be  handy when you are creating.   I loved using the  6x6  paper packs  because the  designs are scaled, however on any fuzzy cutting sheets or embellishment 12 x 12 sheets  of the same paper  line I  also used them to make envelopes, pockets and tags. 

These make  wonderful special  moment gifts. "Just  For You" Flip card  book I filled  the  pockets and envelopes with  sister sayings and birthday sentiments  - since it  was gifted to my sister for  her  birthday -
"A Moment in Time" was gifted to Shona  for her 1/2 century old  Birthday  - and  in hers  quotes of  friendship and  birthday sentiments  could  be  found in the  envelopes, on the  backside of  tags and  pockets.  The  sentiments I   found on line and  simply printed and cut on regular cardstock paper..  This was  not  designed to  hold  pictures - it  was designed  to be a super duper over the top card ! 

Enjoy and  can not  wait to  see  what you create !