Sunday, October 16

Clay and Molds

This  has been my new  passion  Clay.. In  our  magazine  Enchanting  Creations, I  should  you how  to use  clay and your  stamps  in order to   make embellishments, and  today  using your  molds  are  not  for  resin alone . 

After using  Air dry clay,  this is   my  favorite  one. Premier by LaDoll - Light Weight Stone Clay

  The  embellishments are  lighter than  air, whiter than  white  and  can  be  painted  using acrylic paint, pearl-ex- gold leaf,  rub n' buff.   

My  Collection  of  Clay/Resin pieces   have  grown .. and  the  nice thing  is  that the  item  has  to stay in  the mold  for less than  an  hour  so   so many  you cam  make   throughout the  day .