Thursday, November 10

Kit of the Month - Remember the Days

 A double note card holder  and 4 note cards 

Minimal embellishments  - otherwise they will not fit inside! 

Changing the alpha colors : 

01. Paint to  desired  color - (  2-3 coats and let the paint dry in between) 
02. Let them dry and do not worry about the sticker adhesive no longer being  sticky. 
 03. Choose a complimentary color to the paint and use a q-tip  to add the ink to the alphas
04. brush on lightly on one  side to add shading
 05. This is what they  should look like 

 06. Grab your stickles ( again a color that matches ) 
 07.Use the other side of the q-tip and apply the stickles 
 08. You only want a  light covering  of stickles. Let it dry 

 09. Use your crackle accents over the alphas and let dry 

 10. Use your pop dots, and attach 
 Simple alpaha stickers  now  look ohh so cool  and  match your project !