Wednesday, November 30

Welcome Our Guest Designers - December ~

I am thrilled and  honored to bring you two incredibly talented Guest Designers for the  Month of December :  
 Hello, my name is Tammy Henderson aka Simplyme. I have 2 wonderful teenagers that keep me going and a wonderful husband; we have been married for 18yrs.  I live in the bootheal area of MO. I’m just a small town girl having a blast in the scrapping world! I have been doing this wonderful craft since 2005 and have been hooked every since. I love all types of art and the different mediums. I think that is the thing that has kept me in love with this craft, because it’s not the same ole thing. Anything goes and the sky is the limit. I absolutely love getting to combine pictures of my loved ones, with my favorite thing in the world ART. Come and join me with my new adventure of being a guest Creative Team member at the Flying Unicorn!

Some of  Tammy's  Creations:  and  do not  forget to  follow  her blog

Hello everyone.  I find it serendipitous that I was asked to be a guest feature designer here at the Flying Unicorn because I had recently stumbled upon this site and found it to be full of inspiration, wonderful tutorials, and a store full of embellishments, highly coveted chipboards, and collection of papers that are difficult to find at  local scrapbook stores. This is definitely a one-stop shop for both the novice and experienced scrapper.  I started scrapping when I was a young girl and back then all my pages were “flatties”, full of stickers, notes, and dried flowers gifted to me from young suitors, tickets from events and even sugar packs from Proms.  After many years of not scrapping, last year I took it up again when I became the caretaker of some very old family photos, and I wanted to preserve them and tell my family’s story. This quest has ignited in me an insatiable appetite for procuring papers, chipboard, notions and trims.  Scrap booking allows me to incorporate all my past hobbies of photography, watercolor painting, needlecrafts, beading, floriculture, and other hobbies on a 12 x 12 piece of paper. Although I do admire scrapping styles of shabby chic, vintage, retro, grunge, contemporary, and other eclectic styles, I’ve not yet decided what my style is, and so I will leave that up to the good opinion of those of you that view my work.    One of my philosophies in life is to romance the ordinary by adding some scraps of elegance where I can.  Sipping lemonade out of my best crystal glassware while scrapping always makes the lemonade taste better, as does the taste of a simple sandwich and bowl of soup served with my very best china when dining in alone.  Why let your crystal and china sit and collect dust when you can use them to romance an ordinary meal?  And, with that same philosophy, I always try to add scraps of elegance to my pages as well by adding a few small details.  I’m looking forward to getting to know you, learning new things from you, and sharing some techniques with you as well.

 Some of Joyce's  Creations and do not forget to follow  her blog !