Sunday, December 4

Santa's Workshop Tutorial

Let's make some pretty Flowers  ... 

01. Use  your  1-2" circle and  cut  8  circles  out  of your  medium  ( I am  using  fabric you can use mulberry paper/ tissue / not  cardstock or paper) 

 02. Your  tiny  circle  ( I am  using an  1/2" circle and  fold in half both ways to get the  middle  ( I placed a red  dot for  tutorial ease-DO NOT EYEBALL IT - YOUR FLOWER MAY TURN OUR  LOP SIDED)
03. Fold one  of your circles in half
04. Place a  dot of  glue in the  middle  and  fold in half  again (hot glue gun does work best)
05.Place another  dot of  glu  and  glue the  petal  to the  circle - using your middle point as the mark.  
 06. Do this 4  more times - working clockwise  and layering a  little of each petal .. The  bottom tier has 5 petals .
 07. You  should   end up with   something that  looks like this :
 08. Cut your three remaining circles in half.  then trim off 1/8" from the  straight  edge (  you want layer two to be a tiny bit  smaller than   bottom layer)
 09. Do a running  stitch along the  straight edge of the  circle.  ( 6  of them )
 10. Gather the thread .. play  with  it .. and  do not  gather  too tight .. just  tight  enough  to form   a  nice  circle . Cut  off  excess  thread .
 11. Place a  dot of glue on the   bottom  layer (5 petals) and  place the   top layer ( 6 petals)  on top

 12. Glue  your  center  piece  and   voila ....  Our   pretty   flower !