Sunday, January 22

White Challenge

Polar Bear and  Pajama Party has been too much fun! Our creative Team Member is running a white on white challenge—now how can anyone pass that up!
So here  is my  “Love” card  for the forum inspiration

 Lots  of  spray  painting  of  flowers   from  their original color to  white   

 The butterfly was  red once upon a time  ..
I  covered  with  gesso  and  used  my  heat  gun  …  (  it  gave it  a yellow  burnt  tone )  then  I used  a  simple  white  acrylic  paint  and  my  heat  gun … which  gave  it tiny  bubbles ..  Final layer was  puffy paint (  liquid  pearls  will work  too )  and  the  heat  gun  and   an  explosion of  bubbles  ..  I  kept  heat  on  it  till I was  happy with the  amount  bubbles.

The technique  for the  alphas  ….
The  original  chipboard alphas were  perfect  size, so  wrong  in color …

1. I  peeled  off the  first layer of  the  chipboard  so that the pattern was gone 
2. Painted them with  gesso and  let  them dry
3. Dabbed a heavy layer  of  puffy paint   - let it  dry  completely .
4. Painted them  with  crackle paint—Picket Fence  and let it  dry
5. The  final layer  crackle accents—which add a  shine and  a  little  more crackle ..

Thanks for stopping by !