Sunday, July 1

Lest We Forget

I have an  extra special treat for you today  .. Two digital albums that you can download and  make - A Mini one and  a large  one !  Without further adieu lets begin ! 
LEST WE FORGET MINI  - You can grab the  free pdf  file from the  forums - CLICK HERE  the PDF is filled  with  a monthly calendar a to do list and a note section.  The  finished  project is  5x7  ( letter size paper in landscape  format) .  There  is a  bonus page of  tags ...  The  possibilities are endless in this  creation so  go ahead and  enjoy  ... 


On my monthly version I sewed some  ribbon  on the   binding  to use as a bookmark . 


This version is as creative as you can get! CLICK HERE  for the   inside  calendar . 
For this version  my  finished  album is  10x10.  I made into a  mini album style using  chipboard and  covering  each page  with PION paper . On the  right  hand side  I glued the  calendar  and on the  left hand side I made  pockets .  
I am using this  book to keep  birthdays, anniversaries, special occasion dates ...  lets  talk about being organized eh?   So  download  yours  and  I can not  wait to  see your  creation !