Saturday, November 24

Seeing Green .... Priceless

Welcome to November MMU  and this month I am the  hostess !  With the holidays around the  corner, we all  have  that family member, that  friend, associate or colleague that we  give the gift of green in plastic gift card form or in hard green ( colored money for our  international  friends) cash! 

Well, this  month its about  making a  gift card/ money holder.  I  have  completed a tutorial of a pop up  gift card holder that you  can  make  within   30 minutes, or  if you  wish  design  your  own .  The  only requirement  is that  it  is a handmade  gift/cash holder . 

These  instructions  can be  downloaded in our  forum  file  section - CLICK HERE 

And  here  is an  example of a  Cash  Envelope  Holder using  last  year's CI  collection  ( which  I sooo love) 



So lets  get  those  gifts of green  dressed  up for the  holiday  season !