Tuesday, January 22

Mid Month Fun

Our  regular  challenges  start on the  1st  of  reach  month inspiring you  and  challenging you to get  creative   with us  ...  BUT  do not  forget on the  15th  of  the   month  we have    new  challenges  that  are  meant  to   spark your creative  imagination : 

MMU  - Mid  Month University  
This  challenge  is  a 3D  art  project -  and  off the  page, altered  item  that  you can  make -  The  creative  team  takes  turn with this  challenge  in order  to keep it  fun and  interesting  !  

This  month it  was me  and  I hope the  Envelope Pocket Book  has  inspired   you all 

Stamping  Challenge 
This  challenge  is to inspire you and  pull out  your  stamps and use them ! Stamps  never   grow  old  they  just  seem  to multiply in our  stash -  so  its  time  we  put them to  good use . 

Look at the   challenge  Jax  came up with  for us this  month   -  so  come play along 

Card/Tag Challenge  
This  challenge   is  to inspire  you  and  give you a   break  from layouts  - and  make those  handmade  cards and  tags  for  those  special occasions  for  people  in  your  life . 

This  month  Adrienne   has  inspired us  with  her  mix  media  talent  and  tags  and  tutorial  too!