Thursday, November 14

Special Gift Card Holder

 Another fresh new year is here . . .
Another year to live!
To banish worry, doubt, and fear,
To love and laugh and give!

This bright new year is given me
To live each day with zest . . .
To daily grow and try to be
My highest and my best!

I have the opportunity
Once more to right some wrongs,
To pray for peace, to plant a tree,
And sing more joyful songs!
- William Arthur Ward

 This month its my turn to host our  MMU challenge (Mid Month University). This  challenge is about  3-D art and creating  something a little  unique and lots of fun. This month  in honor of  gift giving and the  holidays really around the  corner -  I am asking you to inspire  us and  make  something to  give that  you would usually  throw out. Maybe a jar, maybe a box, an Altoids container .... use your imagination and create a trash to treasure  piece of art !

 I light  candles everyday and  I always use wooden matchsticks and tons of  matchboxes  ... so  I have  taken an empty one and  created a gift card holder for a  friend . Lots of  flowers and rub'n'buff and  for the  wings  I used  FUL  leaf  adornments and  embossed them  and  used  diamond dust  on top.
 I had this furry stuff in my stash and  with a Sephora gift card  how pretty is that ?

Rub n' buff 


MH Frame