Friday, February 21

Day 9 with 13@rts

It's Day 9  today and we are so excited to bring you an  awesome way to start your weekend! 

Day  9 belongs to Mell and  we were super excited to have her as part of  out  promotion. 
Mell's  creations are so artistic with details that capture the imagination that  you  can not  help but  be amazed and inspired he  work ! Not  only has she given us the eye candy creation below  -  she has given us a video to help you create this incredible masterpiece. 

So head on over to to Mell's  Blog and  become a follower  -  you will love the  creativeness on  her  blog pages and  then  grab  your  coffee  or tea  sit  back and   enjoy the video  that  Mell has created for us !!

So to recap : 
Head on over to MELL'S BLOG  for some incredible techniques and to be inspired AND do not  forget to  check out he amazing video 

then  come like Flying Unicorn on Facebook :  

Until tomorrow when we head on over to .......  ohh  its going to rock !!