Wednesday, March 19

Always Believe

Believe in love. 
Believe in magic. 
Hell, believe in Santa Clause. 
Believe in others.
 Believe in yourself. 
Believe in your dreams. 
If you don't, who will?Jon Bon Jovi

An itsy bitsy dent - but a dent in my stash nevertheless!This month on the  forums I am hosting a Use Your Stash challenge and that is what I hope you all are doing ! You can mix the old with the new making it creative awesome-ness!  So no more  hoarding -  use it!
One of  my  most favorite collections of  all time is  Pixie Glen - designed by Jodie Lee for Prima Marketing.  It was one of the last  collections where fuzzy cutting was an  absolute must  - and the soft blues and  pinks-  just  my favorite  colors.  

This box and tag is a gift both made using the Pixie Glen Collection and  a lot of  other  old yummy  goodies - A stick pin from my stash, flowers I have had  forever,  bling that  I have been hoarding, and  resin pieces that were handmade by me  from my stash.  So easily  I have met the use three old things criteria for the challenge !  

So come  play along! Take  out those  old  goodies -  time  to use  not  hoard and  lets  see what you can create !