Thursday, September 18

Playdate Thursday - A Flower Cart

Autumn days and cold nights are upon us and there is nothing more spectacular during this time of the year then the colors of fall. .I wanted to capture the season and  all its beauty, that a flower cart was surely the only way . So happy playdate Thursday we are  going to have some fun! 

I was so inspired by this cart that I need to make one of my own. I pulled out the scrap paper  the glue gun and started working on the template - this  takes a little bit of  time  .. but  ohh using up scrap papers is a joy ...  so  here  is the   prototype 

The prototype was done ..and  I was excited to now  make  it the  real thing.
Now  you can make one  too in  8  easy steps !  I used  a 6x6 paper pack from Studio 75 Olivia Collection and only  used  4 sheets- so the cart can  be  created using one 12x12 sheet .

That is my  clay pumpkin ... its kind of  cute :)  I used tops/lids  of things and   beads to act as baskets and vases  covering them or the use of 13@arts paints to create the  vintage worn look. 

There are a lot of handmade flowers,  and little details .. yes it  took some to to decorate it  but I  loved the  process  and the  creativity of it .  embrace the  colors of the  season and have some fun !