Tuesday, November 18

Welcome to the Family- Olga Heldwein

We are head over heels to announce that Olga Heldwein has joined the Uni family! Her artistic passion and creative endeavors make our relationship a  perfect family match! 

a little about Olga in her own words: 

Hi everyone ! I'm Olga. I'm from Poland but currently live with my family in Germany . I love media all sprays , paste , inks and paints. I always trying to add litlle bit of them to my arts. My works are usually very dimensional . I still trying to find perfect way to combine my love for media, flowers and metal elements. I love to alter Items to give them new life  and new outfit .  I'm so so so SOOOOO happy to join Flying Unicorn team - its like my little dream come true !!! I hope you all find my works inspirational  and we will have some creative time together :) 

Just take a peel of some of the jaw dropping creations from months gone by : 

become of a followers of her blog 
There is so much more  jaw  dropping eye candy to see!