Thursday, May 7

An Empty Canvas

And now I welcome a new journey, full of things that have never been! 

The new location of Flying Unicorn 926 North Monroe Street, Tallahassee Florida 32308. 

An empty canvas is what I am looking at, before the movers fill the place with boxes and display furniture. A little stressful, a little overwhelming, but mostly I feel excitement for the new chapter to begin.  

Oh yeah tears I cried saying goodbye to my friends which became my family in Fort Lauderdale, and saying goodbye to the familiar was hard, but life is a journey, and  this chapter has only begun. Fresh start, new beginnings, and a whole  lot of boxes to unpack and create a picture perfect place for the locals to shop and orders to be filled and shipped. 

 So, I am  going to sit in silence for a little longer, take it all in. let my imagination run wild with  visions and then  let the fun begin!