Tuesday, August 4

Your Passion. Your Art. The Off the Page Creativity

Our kits are one of a kind, and the main kit always includes an off the page project (better known as OTP) . This month as we watch summer come to a close, we can  dream of escaping unto the  shorelines and watch the  sunrise or  sunset and  relive those hot splashy days of carefree fun. What a  better way to escape than  with a tea and lounging in an  Adirondack chair which is this month's off the page.  

The creativity of the OTP is endless. From a  shabby Chic look to a  vintage  front  porch the  creative team  made it their  own - just as you will to .  Here  are some of the  OTP  projects  to get  you inspired and  to enjoy the  last  days of  summer.