Thursday, January 5

Tropical Travelogue

This is  my  project  using the  Kit  of the Month and Travelogue .   I  LOVE  G45  and  using their  lines  for  mini albums  ...    

The  Cover.. Used  the flowers from the  kit as well as  handmade ones and a few  from  the  Enchanted   series .  The shells found  their  home on the  cover with a vintage  pearl  from  my  collection of  vintage  jewelry. 

The  tags  opens  to lined  paper  for  journaling 

Undo the  ribbon and  extra hidden  space  for more pictures. 

Simple  tags  cut  for the  line  and  photo  holders  on the  back of them . 

Flip the  little  page  part  

and an  additional  three  tags  secured  by a  brad  

Undo the  twine  

and an  accordion   photo  holder  

I am   done  ..   and  living in Florida  .. off  to the  beach I can  go !