Thursday, May 24

Lay Your Burdens Down

Life got really complicated. There was a patch in time that I wished never existed. There was  a day in April that I wish never came to be . I still have not truly thanked every single person  that helped me through it  .. Thank you's do not seem to be enough! Oh I pulled in favors galore that day in April,  and I thank God  everyday  for  putting these special people in my life. From the  bottom of my heart, I thank you all again . Some day I may be able to repay the  debts and favors that  I called in . 
And one  night,  chatting with Tammy , she said to me ... " Lay your burdens down for awhile and let your mind find some peace."   I had not cried yet  over that day for someone once told me,  "Don't cry, there will be time to cry later, now you need to find strength." Well I finally cried.  I cried  till there were  no more tears left inside and  after,  the  heavens opened and  rainbows formed.  

Today, is paradise on earth . Today, God has  given me more strength, smiles and moments of love and  friends that I was scared I left  behind.  Today is a blessing. 

So again, thank you .. and thank you Tammy.