Tuesday, June 10

Trash to Organized Treasure

The onion you are eating is someone else's water lily!

Chinese Proverb

Oh what  fun I had  turning the Sephora boxes into organized treasure. Lainie is hosting on the forums this month a trash to treasure/upcylcling challenge and  I love these challenges ... so I needed storage something for my silks and 13@rts paints and with a little help from Pion designs and old paper stash, to G45 Oranate Label Holders, a little  glue and two perfect boxes that  will house some yummy supplies . 

Okay yes, this is where the  OCD  kicks in- Both boxes have a pocket to hold a tag which hides in alpha order the paints and silks I own ... this is  perfect for two reasons .. allows  you to put the  paints back in alpha order and when you need to order more you can check your list to see what you already own !