Tuesday, August 5

Mini Album Card

There is a cute  poem I found on Pinterest that  was perfect  for a special card  to create form my Niece that is expecting a little baby bundle of  joy in November. 

Erica has been  running a mid month  challenge on creating unique mini albums and  her inspiration  piece is so awesome ... being inspired by it I wanted to create something a little   different and with the special occasion  around  the corner and the poem- it was a perfect fit. Using  Little Darlings G45 collection and a little of this and that,my inspiration project  for the challenge.  

For each verse there is a page  
A wee bit of  dirt
and a devilish grin
Curious eyes and
spaghetti sauce chin

A dollop of mud
 behind his right ear,
and a handful  of worms in his pocket I fear

You see his knees
 through the
holes in his jeans
He likes ice cream and won’t eat beans.

He’s made of mudpies
and bubble gum kisses
and wonder at Christmas
 and birthday wishes

And a heap of giggles   and wiggles and love
These are the things   
 Little boys                  
are made of

- patsy gaut