Monday, July 11

Julie Nutting & Paris Flea Market

“One is loved because one is loved. 

No reason is needed for loving.” 
― Paulo CoelhoThe Alchemist

Oh what fun I had playing with paper dolls...and  Pion Paper - Paris Flea Market ( and its on sale!!)
I used the  6x6 sheets and was able to create two tags... almost the  same  but  still different ...

I  am often asked what I do with my  tags  ...  and tags are  great  for  adorning to gift  bags  - they  can  be  the  card and r write on the  back ...  sometimes I attach a second  tag  to the  first  using a brad in the  tag  hole and  tag/card  is  born ... Place the  tag  on top of the  present  .... it  does not need to  be an  envelope  .. and  with  complimentary wrapping paper colors  of your  tag  the  receiver  will love the  presentation ...

So make a  batch of cookies and  attach a  handmade  tag to them ... you  give them away with love.